Excelerate prides itself in providing the necessary talent across a broad spectrum of technical disciplines from missile engineering to software development and simulation systems. We do this by implementing a unique and successful employment paradigm of using the talent around us to maximize our technical staff and capability. This allows Excelerate to put the right people on the task and reduces the cost of development and support to the customer. It is a win-win solution and an efficient way of conducting business.

Being located in Huntsville, Alabama affords Excelerate with a vast array of technical talent. We continuously look for talented staff that are interested in working on exciting international tasks and product endeavors in a fast growing company.

For example, we have stay at home parents that were once in the full time workforce doing state of the art development but now have chosen a new career in raising a family. They support our efforts by working part time keeping their skills current and making extra income.

So, if you feel you have talents that can support an international defense and product business base then please email us your resume and desired working environment. If your talents are required we will contact you and discuss the potential of having you join the team providing a unique opportunity for employer, employee, and customer.

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