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Multi-Sensor Real Time Simulator
The Multi-Sensor Real Time Simulator (MSRTS) provides an affordable path to real time sensor simulation.  The MSRTS allows the user to create realistic battlefield scenarios in an integrated development environment and define dual sensor (IR and RF) profiles for testing and training.  MSRTS is highly configurable including sensor suite, portability, support, and connectivity.

The Multi-Sensor Analysis Toolkit (MSAT) is an engineering design and analysis application for accurate and realistic generation and visualization of dynamic synthetic scenes based on a sensor’s design characteristics.   MSAT models mid-wave to long-wave passive infrared sensors, active millimeter wave sensors, and laser-radar (LADAR) sensors.  The user establishes the synthetic scene and dynamics, enters the sensor characteristics and orientation, sets the environmental conditions, then MSAT does the rest by producing radiometrically accurate scenes for analysis and evaluation.

DESC Propellants
Excelerate is a certified provider of missile fuels, propellants, and other various chemicals and gases from Defense Energy Support Center (DESC) for the International Market as well as the U.S. Domestic Market.  From Hydrazine to JP-10 and everything in between Excelerate has the experience needed to provide you with all of your Aerospace Energy needs.

Simple and Inexpensive DCAA Compliant Employee Timekeeping & Timesheet Software Service for small businesses without a full-time IT staff.  PrimeThread is an ideal web-based timekeeping and timesheet service. The system is accessed through a standard web browser. Even a small business that doesn't have government contracts can benefit from PrimeThread as an effective means to track and maintain employee time.
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