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Excelerate’s direct product base has grown from our international experience and activities. They couple our integrated approach to technology development along with our product orientation for the international market. Our focus is on the development and integration of high technology systems that have been exported or are configured to be exportable.

Component and System Integration

From a single component to complete systems integration, Excelerate understands and can bring the best technology to satisfy requirements. Our approach to system development through integration is to improve on existing technology rather than reinvent it. We first identify leaders in the industry then integrate the existing technology to a viable system solution. In this manner we leverage existing capability to reduce cost and mitigate risk while maintaining the technical depth to produce a final product that meets requirements.

Excelerate is technology independent which means we apply the best solution available for the design. This has allowed us to pursue products that successfully compete in the global marketplace. We apply this same design approach to our customer driven requirements in finding and working with the best partners and components in the industry to produce a timely and cost effective integrated solution.

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