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Excelerate's engineering depth and experience provides the base from which to identify, integrate, test and apply technologies to a cost effective and timely solution to the most complex customer requirements.  We are technology independent which means that our proposed solutions identify the best and most cost effective products and services while maintaining exportability.

Excelerate's Partnering Program grew from the diversity in customer requirements and corporate technology independence to establish a safe means to extend our partner's diverse cross section of products and services to the international defense and high technology community.  Our global focus allows us to successfully develop relationships across many boundaries to provide exceptional value added solutions.

The Excelerate Partnering Program was established for those companies that want to extend their reach to the international market.   Let us work with you to tailor your products and services portfolio for the global market, identify customers and ensure legal export for a cost effective solution. Participants in the Partnering Program are from a wide and diverse defense, aerospace and high-technology spectrum includieng small, medium and Fortune 500 companies both domestic and internatonal.

Let us bring the world to your doorstep and open new opportunities for your business.  Please contact Excelerate to learn more.


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