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Everyone will agree that the term “Global Economy” is a common theme and concept these days and if they haven’t already all companies will soon embrace the world market – regardless of core business strengths and focus.  No longer do you compete or conduct business with the company up the street, across town, or in the next state – rather another part of the globe – with unique cultural and business practices.

Likewise, foreign companies often want to conduct business within the USA and experience the same challenges that are unique to the global marketplace.  What regulations apply to the global market?  What is the Internatioal Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and does it apply to my defense work or am I subject to the Export Administration Regulations (EAR)? How do I successfully enter the global marketplace?  How do contracts work internationally?  How do I get paid or make payments? …

At Excelerate, we have the answers to these and many more of your international business questions.  The unique cultures, business practices, regulations, timing, and processesare all part of the global business equation and Excelerate can guide you to a safe and cost effective solution.

Excelerate is also an engineering company that designs, develop, and integrates complex systems for the defense and aerospace international community. We work with foreign and domestic groups to identify exportable solutions then provide the services to complete the authorizations necessary to make the delivery.  Since we understand the technology we can clearly describe the export to be made and work with the Directorate Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) or the Bureau of Industrial Security (BIS) for a safe and timely export.

So embrace the international marketplace and let support your success.  Our Partnering Program provides a path to safely and effectively gain or extend global exposure to new markets and opportunites worldwide.  We welcome inquiries both foreign and domestic and we will work to provide a technology independent solution to your requirements. Our export services range from complete technical turn-key support to export/import assistance and consultation upon request. Our knowledge is experienced based with years of customer interaction throughout the world.

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